Ekhtronic is a personal project based in New York City by the Musician Hector Tamburi. Before this project he formed different groups of several genres as a bass player, back vocals, guitarist, synthesizers, vocals, songwriter and composer until mid 2008 when he started his solo career.

He defines himself as a Designer of emotions with participation in Music Production, mixing, composition, DJ SETs, Photography, Video clips, Journalism, Mgmt and anything else related with Music & Arts. He's always wandering around between eclectic genres such as: Electronica, French pop, Experimental, House, among others. 

Currently Ekhtronic is preparing the forthcoming album and it counts with two singles: Journey & Dormitory. Each new song that comes, brings out gets more attention on new people.

So Far Ekhtronic counts with 8 materials:
○ The New Perfect Body 2009
○ You Know 2010
○ Perfect Bodies 2010
○ Trippers 2010
○ Ozonica 2011
○ Its up to you 2012
○ Journey 2013
○ Dormitory 2014

When it comes to play live, depending on the show & place he counts with help of several friends on stage.

General inquiries: ekhtronic@gmail.com
Management: poploudair@gmail.com